Anthony’s focus is “You”.  He will go above and beyond to serve his customers and make a lasting friendship, not just a transaction. 

Anthony grew up in a large Italian family whose motto is “Food, Family, and Friends”.  His father was an amazing Entrepreneur and Realtor, his mother a Cosmetologist.  As a small child hanging out with dad at open house visits and customer ride-alongs, Anthony was unknowingly being groomed to be a Realtor.  Anthony has a degree in Electrical Engineering, has owned and operated his own business, and has years of personal sales and finance experience. 

As being part of a Realtor family, this has focused Anthony on Real Estate ownership, investing, and property management.  Owning rental property in the Springfield market area keeps Anthony engaged in housing trends and local community developments. 

Contact Anthony today if you have any questions. 417-771-7111.


Mr. Catania has proven to be an honest and reliable person who is committed to providing my family a safe, functional, and comfortable home. He is always communicative and willing to drop what he is doing to lend a helping hand when needed. He is a versatile house expert who has a background in repairs and renovation, plus an extensive knowledge of the housing market. When it comes time for my family to purchase a home, I look forward to trusting Mr. Catania's expertise.

Jill Woodhouse

January 16, 2017

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